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    +1 959 603 6035 (585-Support)


    8901 Marmora Road
    Glasgow, DO4 89GR.



    All sorrows are less
    with bread...



    Straight from our oven


    Chocolate Croissant

    Straight from our oven to you.


    Dinner Roll

    Straight from our oven to you.


    Rye Kaiser Roll

    Straight from our oven to you.


    Guava Tart

    Straight from our oven to you.


    Italian Sub

    Straight from our oven to you.

    Welcome to our bakery!

    It is our mission to offer you bread with love. Bread, in its pure original formula, making it available for everyone’s enjoyment. From antiquity, bread has been known as the epitome of life and human society. It’s history can be traced back for thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.

    our misson

    We exclusively use sun ripened whole grain to provide you with a source of power, stamina and health! Spoil yourself with our breads natural flavor! We use only the finest quality ingredients providing your body with important fiber and nutrients. For people who suffer from allergies we offer a delicious range of wheat and yeast free products.


    our values

    We strive to care for you and the environment we live in. All breads, fillings, and salads are considered for healthy living and without preservatives, growth hormones, and as close to the source as possible. Our containers are made of recycled paper and we try to recycle as much of our own waste as we can.


    Breads bakery catering

    Our well known and loved products come to you, impeccably arranged and ready to serve. Our elegant festive trays add style and taste to any event and are prepared with the utmost attention to detail. We would love to create a custom spread for you and will deliver it anywhere you choose – whether home or office.

    1. Using the natural ingredients

      Gustavo Bread Bakery products are hand-made with only the finest ingredients and natural starters. No added preservatives will be found in any of the things we bake, and we strive to source our ingredients locally using farmers and growers who practice the purest growing initiatives. We allow our loaves to take their time, and we practise old world European traditions and techniques to make the very best breads.

    2. Caring for your bread

      We recommend that you eat your bread at its peak of freshness. But, as the days go on, you can be creative with what’s left: toast, croutons, bread crumbs, sweet or savory bread pudding...be inventive! We suggest storing Gustavo Bread Bakery at room temperature in a paper, wax or cloth bread bag. To refresh and serve, place your loaf in a 325˚ oven for about 10-12 minutes for a fresh from the oven experience.

    3. Freezing your

      If you buy loaves to freeze, it’s best to do it while the bread is still fresh. For the best result, and to prevent freezer burn, tightly wrap each loaf in plastic wrap, and seal in a good quality freezer bag and plan to consume your bread within a month. You can also freeze pieces of fresh bread that you don’t finish right away, to come back to them later in the week. To defrost your frozen bread, remove it from the freezer.

    We exclusively use sun ripened whole grain to provide you

    Spoil yourself with our breads natural flavor! We use only the finest quality ingredients providing your body with important fiber and nutrients. For people who suffer from allergies we offer a delicious range of wheat and yeast free products. Because your health matters to us, our products are baked freshly for you every day! We strive to care for you and the environment we live in. All breads, fillings, and salads are considered for healthy living and without preservatives, growth hormones, and as close to the source as possible. Our containers are made of recycled paper and we try to recycle as much of our own waste as we can.

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    How long does it stay
    so delicious?

    In general, since our breads are made with natural levains, or pre-ferments, they stay fresh much longer than standard, speed-process factory loaves. Under good conditions the breads will last for about a week at room temperature. For bread that you will eat same day or next, just leave the loaf on the cutting board with the cut end down. Or keep it wrapped in a paper bag or cover loosely with a plastic bag. For longer storage, freezing is an excellent option. Just wrap the loaf well in a plastic bag and freeze it. When you remove it, let it sit in the bag until signs of water droplets all disappear.

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    A piece of bread in your sack is better than a feather in your hat

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    Browse our great line of bread and discover a new taste.

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    packaging and delivery

    reliable packing and worldwide shipping.

    Shipping Options

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    Enjoy an awesome bread

    enjoy a cup of coffee with our amazing breads.

    Storage and care

    We store our bread at room temperature in a dark, dry place.

    Thank you so much for the great customer service. I placed my order a few days ago and your tasty treats. The chocolate croissant is so fresh and yummy. I can't wait to open the cookies. Each pack is wrapped in bubble wrap.Thanks again for caring about your customers!

    Robert Taylor, our customer.

    I wanted to take a moment and let y’all know that of all the bread companies and bakeries I have worked with in my tenure as a chef, you guys are truly the best. That said between your customer service, minimal mistakes, timely orders, and attentiveness, are all things y’all do right.

    Lisa Bingo, our customer.

    Gustavo Bread Company is one of the best vendors we have. Excellent product, with an excellent price, and the service is over the top. It is so easy to place an order and receive fresh bread daily! It doesn’t get better than this! We never have any issues.

    David Stern, our customer.